The Custom Finger Gallery

The custom finger feature allows you to set an image of your own finger for use in the app.

This is an advanced feature and is enabled as part of the butterfly in-app purchase.

Here are some examples of Custom Fingers that can be used with the Magic Spider App. Maybe one of these is more similar to your own finger than the standard fingers in the app? If so feel free to use one.

To create your own custom finger using Photoshop see our Custom Finger Tutorial Page or we can create one for you for a small fee.

1000 - Sharpie*

1001 - Baby Hand

1002 - Kristina

1003 - Neo

1004 - Julian

1005 - Leanne

1006 - Hayden

1007 - Jack

1008 - Liam

1009 - Matthew

1010 - Liam P.

1011 - BJ

1012 - Xeon1

1013 - Xeon2

1014 - Xeon3

1015 - Garry1

1016 - Garry2

1017 - Jenner1

1018 - Jenner2

1019 - Jack B.1

1020 - Jack B.2

1021 - Matt P.

1022 - Adam M.

1023 - Wayne B.

1024 - Jonathan CT

1025 - Greame V.

1026 - Trish RSA

1027 - Rolel

1028 - Peter V.D.

1029 - Yong Woon

1030 - Jay


To load a finger into your devices Image Gallery:

1) Open an internet browser app (eg. Safari, Chrome) on your device and navigate to this page:

Then "click and hold" on one of the finger graphics above until the "Save Image" menu appears.

2) Click "Save Image" to store it to your devices internal "Image Gallery".

To use the finger in the app:

The custom finger feature is enabled when the butterfly feature is purchased. If it is locked you will need to purchase it first. Click the "Meet the Butterfly" button to see the price in your currency.

1) Then select the finger image by clicking the "Custom Finger" button in the Magic Spider Settings page.

2) Navigate to the finger file in your device's "Image Gallery", then select the required image. The new finger will be used when you run the Spider, Cockroach or Butterfly effects.

*The idea to use a Sharpie came from Steve Brooks of the Magic Cafe over dinner one night at Magic Live -  (